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What can Jasinsky Immigration Law do for my business?

Jasinsky Immigration Law can be a cost-effective and accurate alternative to high-priced big city firms or to inefficient in-house visa processing.

In addition, we do more than "just get the visa" for your employees. We offer full-service corporate immigration risk management, which we consider an essential component of immigration legal representation. Increased immigration enforcement is bringing this lesson home to many companies.

JIL has the immigration expertise, resources, knowledge base, and experience to:

  • Process visa petitions promptly and accurately, with high attention to detail and generous client support
  • Recommend and implement optimal allocation of in-house corporate immigration risk management tasks to minimize business disruption
  • Provide the required technology to accurately monitor and manage immigration risks
  • Provide in-house HR compliance training
  • Keep your HR staff and corporate counsel abreast of changing immigration laws, policies, and procedures
  • Give your employees the peace of mind so that they can focus on their work, not their immigration status.
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